The FUNKO BATMAN ’66 Index

Your Batcave of information on Funko’s new line of action figures.

Welcome to the FUNKO BATMAN ’66 Index, a clearinghouse dedicated to the company’s new action-figure line.

This post, which will be updated on a recurring basis, is your HQ for all our behind-the-scenes features, reviews, interviews, teases and so forth.

So follow the links and dig what’s coming:

— TOY FAIR 2017: FUNKO Goes All in With New BATMAN ’66 Action Figure Line. Click here.

— FUNKO’S New BATMAN ’66 Line Wins TOY FAIR 2017. Click here.

— EXCLUSIVE: The Inside Scoop on Funko’s New Batman ’66 Line — An Interview With Designer Reis O’Brien. Click here.

— EXCLUSIVE: The Art of Sculpting BATMAN ’66 — An Interview With Sculptor Shelley Rappleye. Click here.

Author: Dan Greenfield

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